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8 Mar 2022

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Euralarm releases guidance document on fire protection for lithium-ion batteries

Euralarm, an organization that represents the European electronic fire and security industry, has published a guidance document on integrated fire protection solutions for lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries are increasingly used in data centers, edge facilities, and other digital infrastructure applications. A lithium-ion battery's ability to actively control its energy storage and extraction has been the foundation for its increasing popularity. However, active control of the battery energy is not sufficient to prevent safety critical situations, and multiple levels of defence are needed to minimize the serious consequences of a lithium-ion battery failure.

In the new guideline, information on lithium-ion batteries is provided, as well as how fires start in batteries, how they can be detected, controlled, suppressed, and extinguished. Postfire management is also covered. Fire protection systems must include the choice of the most appropriate agent for the hazard at hand, the layout of the system, the discharge of the extinguishing agent, correct installation, and constant maintenance by appropriately trained personnel.

Officially titled "Integrated fire protection solutions for lithium-ion batteries", this document is intended as guidance for professionals dealing with fire safety, fire protection, extinguishing and fire suppression in connection with the use, storage, or transport of lithium-ion batteries and their fire risks.

Photo credit: Andrew Gaines

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