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23 Aug 2022

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Google Employs ML to Make Chrome Secure, Reliable, and Enjoyable.

Google Chrome has long been one of the most widely used browsers, with over 50 million users worldwide, making it the most popular browser today by a wide margin. However, the software has long been criticized as less secure than other options. Lately, the company aims to use machine learning, and AI to ensure browser security and privacy better.

In a press release from Google, John Pallett explains that Google has begun using machine learning to detect better harmful websites and phishing attempts on Chrome and Safari, which should help reduce the number of users who fall victim to online attacks.

While Google works diligently to protect Chrome users' security, they want to ensure that all of the browser's features are as enjoyable as possible. Google believes Chrome is more enjoyable and secure with machine learning.

According to the tech giant company, the updated version of Chrome can detect double the amount of phishing attacks and malicious sites using its latest machine learning model.

Chrome's newest on-device machine learning model was released in March. The rollout of the new model has led to a 2.5x increase in the detection of phishing threats.

In addition to security, Google is preparing to use machine learning to improve users’ experience.

In the next upgrade, Google plans to have an AI model learn when users are unlikely to grant prompts and refrain from interrupting them with unnecessary notification prompts.

Here's what a site that's blocked its notifications will look like.

The design allows for interrupts, but not notifications that the ML model might have something wrong.

Next, the company will launch an expansion of the feature it introduced earlier this year called Journeys.

Journeys help people use Google to follow their every move from sites they've been to in the past. By applying some ML wizardry, Google says Chrome will be able to display any content about a specific topic you're looking for. In other words, just hit a button and continue your actions as if nothing ever happened.

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