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16 Nov 2022

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In Response to Users Impersonating People and Brands on Twitter; the Company Paused Paid Verifications

On Thursday, Twitter announced that it was pausing its verification process for a few days as the company reviews its guidelines. The move comes on the heels of numerous reports about how people use the blue checkmark to impersonate celebrities, journalists, and government officials.

In a statement from the company's VP of Trust & Safety, Del Harvey, verification has long been perceived as an endorsement. We are exploring new ways to authenticate accounts, she continued. In some cases, there is no timeline yet for when these new changes will go into effect.

As a result of the paid subscription service, pranksters created imposter accounts on Twitter, causing the platform to be even more open to misinformation. This presents a huge problem for advertisers, some of whom have already paused.

Additionally, several users who paid for a paid account have now lost the blue check mark symbol on their account.

The removal of the Twitter Blue verified seal at this point is timed when Musk and lawyer Alex Spiro, who is in charge of Twitter at this time, is in discussions to assure all parties involved (including the FTC) of full compliance with all laws and FTC decrees.

According to Elon Musk, "I cannot emphasize enough that Twitter will do whatever it takes to adhere to the letter and spirit of the FTC consent decree. Anything you read to the contrary is false. The same goes for any other government regulatory matters where Twitter operates."

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