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13 Sep 2022

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Intel Just Announced OpenVINO 2022.1, Which Will Greatly Enhance Developers' Ability to Use Artificial Intelligence

Today, Intel announced that its new OpenVINO toolkit now supports inferencing for deep learning workloads, making it easier to bring an AI application to market quickly and easily.

To that end, it also introduced the Inference Engine Developer Kit, which will include Nervana technology that's expected to be more powerful than the latest GPU cards while using less power and producing less heat in the process.

According to Intel, thousands of developeOpenVINO deploy AI workloads at the edges. And based on their feedback, OpenVINO has gained more popularity over the years.

OpenVINO Developer Tools Vice President Adam Burns at Intel said: "The latest release of OpenVINO 2022.1 builds on more than three years of learnings from hundreds of thousands of developers to simplify and automate optimizations.

The latest upgrade adds hardware auto-discovery and automatic optimization so that software developers can achieve optimal performance on every platform.

This software, plus Intel silicon, enables a significant AI ROI advantage and is deployed easily into the Intel-based solutions in your network."

The new additions include "a greater selection of deep learning models, more device portability choices, and higher inferencing performance with fewer code changes."

Expanded model support, which includes new types of deployments, is possible. The automatic optimization process can work to figure out how many nodes dynamically and the kinds of processors the system can hold to optimize the load balance and avoid distributing tasks inefficiently.

OpenVINO builds on one API, an open standard for an application programming interface that can be used across different accelerator architectures, including field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs.), GPUs, and AI accelerators.

The use of OpenVINO has been employed by several high-profile Intel customers, including BMW Group, American Tower, Hitachi, ADLINK, and more.

Eric Watko, the VP of Innovation at American Tower, committed, "With American Tower's edge infrastructure, Intel's OpenVINO deep learning capabilities, and Zeblok's AI platform-as-a-service, we can enable a complete smart solution for the market.

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