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16 Aug 2022

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IoT/ Mobile Cyber-Attack Incidents Are Increasing by 22% Each Year

Verizon's latest Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) shows that the number of unsecured devices that hackers can access has risen, and their use in cyberattacks has increased significantly, which leads to significant downtime. The company has experienced an increase of 22% in downtime due to IoT/mobile-related cyberattacks.

One-third (34%) of the surveyed enterprises have suffered a compromise. Seventy-four percent say it has had a "major" impact.

Over a third (34%) of companies surveyed said the compromise had lasting repercussions. More than a quarter (27%) said the compromise had occurred due to human error.

Verizon Business CEO Sampath Sowmyanarayan Commented:

"For businesses–regardless of industry, size, or location on a map–downtime is money lost. Compromised data is trust lost, and those moments are tough to rebound from, although not impossible.

Companies must dedicate time and budget on their security architecture, especially on off-premise devices: otherwise, they leave themselves vulnerable to cyber-threat actors."

Out of the 85% of enterprises surveyed, 85% of those surveyed allocated budgets to mobile security improvement. 81% of the organizations in the survey have increased their spending on mobile device security. Furthermore, most expect their spending to increase in the coming year.

Roughly 66% of people said they've felt pressured to forgo mobile-device security for a goal to be achieved. On average, 52% gave in to that pressure.

The MSI is providing these zero trust network access (ZTNA), and secure access service edge (SASE) designs as safeguards against increasing cyberattacks.

You can obtain a copy of the 2022 Mobile Security Index here.

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