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10 Jan 2023

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New Deal in Norway Continues Green Hydrogen Drumbeat

(Photo by Alexey Topolyanskiy.)

Studying sustainable energy means learning several new "colors" of hydrogen - grey, green, blue, turquoise, and pink. These are not real colors, but labels on the relative GHG associated with producing and using hydrogen as a fuel.

Green hydrogen tops the list, as producing it through electrolysis releases no GHG. Burning any type of hydrogen, of course, creates water as the byproduct.

A couple of recent articles help move this story forward. One is a press release from Norway that outlines a new agreement to deliver electrolyzers to make 40MW of electricity from solar-power plants. Of particular interest is the concept mentioned here of a "green hydrogen value chain."

A second article, from Bloomberg, outlines Western concerns over China soon monopolizing the emerging market or electrolyzers:

The amount of hydrogen electrolyzed for use as a fuel is expected to grow almost 100 times by 2030, according to the Bloomberg article.

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