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14 Feb 2022

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Saudi Arabia plans to build five 60 MW data centers to strengthen its digital economy

Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with Quantum Switch Tamasuk (QST), a Saudi company with expertise in designing, building, financing, and operating data centers, to develop and operate data centers with a capacity of 300MW by 2026. With two additional data center campuses already under construction, QST has significant investments in Saudi Arabia's digital infrastructure. With each new facility, Saudi Arabia will expand its data center capacity, positioning itself as a leader in digitalization across the region.

Stimulating innovation

To attract hyperscale cloud service providers, gaming and media platforms, and global content delivery networks, QST's data centers will be designed and built to meet their specific needs. Furthermore, the data centers will host government initiatives for developing digital infrastructure, including the Saudi Internet Exchange Point and serving as co-location facilities for Saudi Arabian government workloads. The new sites are expected to offer preferential rates to Saudi Arabian-owned start-ups - further stimulating innovation in the country’s digital economy.

Solar power

QST supports sustainable data centers, and the new sites will make use of the latest cooling technology. To further enhance sustainability, Saudi's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will work with QST to develop and secure sources of renewable energy. As a result of this effort, there will be an increased demand for green energy. Both parties are evaluating the feasibility of connecting solar PV facilities to the five data centers.

Photo credit: Quantum Switch Tamasuk

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