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2 Mar 2022

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Serbia strengthens cloud and AI infrastructure

The Republic of Serbia works with G42 Cloud, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-based G42, to upgrade its cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure. G42 Cloud and Serbia will jointly develop AI and cloud computing solutions for a variety of sectors, with an emphasis on healthcare, business and finance, combining G42 Cloud's commitment to boost its cloud offerings and Serbia's ambitions to enhance its AI capabilities.

National policy

Serbia is implementing a national policy aimed at enhancing the country's digital transformation and implementing cloud-based solutions. The Balkan nation is also working to strengthen its technology ecosystem in order to encourage Serbian talent to stay in the country and help transform its economy. A key part of this policy is knowledge sharing with other countries, implementing a cloud-first strategy for Serbian businesses, and enabling digital transformation to drive long-term and sustainable growth.

Data center in Kragujevac

Collaboration between the Serbian Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment and G42 is a step towards implementing hybrid cloud infrastructure at the state data center in Kragujevac. Using this facility, Serbia will improve the quality of eGovernment services, support the development of a digital economy, and offer modern cloud solutions to commercial users in Serbia and Southeast Europe. Serbia has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oracle for a Serbian cloud region.

The development of cloud technology and artificial intelligence is of great importance to Serbia. It is pursuing a technological and scientific leadership role in the region. The Serbian government is investing in innovation and knowledge to ensure economic growth and better quality of life for its citizens.

Photo credit: Stevan Aksentijevic

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