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20 Oct 2022

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Tesla Launches Home Charging Stations for Other Electric Cars

Tesla has just released its new home charging station that works with other electric vehicles from BMW, Ford, and Nissan. This new charging technology allows drivers to charge their car at any standard household outlet and add up to 30 miles of range per hour when used at 240 volts.

With the launch of its latest home charging station, the company hopes to encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles and continue accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation worldwide.

The Tesla design has been praised for being much easier and more efficient than the industry-standard CCS/J1772.

The Tesla connector was even proposed this year as the new standard, but it seems to have failed.

Tesla is considering opening up its charging network and products to electric vehicles from other manufacturers.

In North America, Tesla has indicated that it will add CCS connectors to its Supercharger stations like it did in Europe.

This year, Tesla temporarily launched a version of its home charging station, the Wall Connector, with a J1772 connector. This means that the charger was designed to cater to people who owned non-Tesla EVs.

So it did not last long before Tesla pulled the product. However, a brand-new version of the J1772 Wall Connector has been launched on the Tesla website for $550.

The Tesla Wall Connector is a plug-and-go system, meaning that you can easily plug in the connector and start charging your vehicle. Plus, it comes in two versions: one is 7.2 kW, which can add 25 miles of range per hour, while the other is 11 kW, which can add 40 miles of range per hour.

The Tesla Wall Connector comes in 10 and 20-kilowatt-hour variants. The 10 kW model costs $1,500 while the 20 kW model costs $2,000. Both models come with a standard installation included in the price and will be available for purchase on Tesla's website starting July 14th.

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