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20 Oct 2022

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Tesla (TSLA) Quarterly Report 2022 Preview Here Is What We Predict

Using the company's previous reports as a guide, we can make some good estimates about Tesla's Q3 2022 results and find out what to expect moving forward. As you will see from the chart below, Tesla shareholders have many reasons to be excited about this upcoming report.

The best part? Tesla's current valuation offers them good value, given the company's expected growth over the next few years.

The giant tech company reported $13.90 per share, crushing the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $9.09 by 72.2%. Revenues came in higher than the Zacks Consensus Estimate, however, at $858 million versus the estimate of $739 million.

Following the Q3 2022 financial results announcement on Wednesday, October 19, Tesla's management will host a conference call and do a Q&A. Below, we will examine what retail investors and analysts expect from the company's quarterly results.

Deliveries by Tesla in Q3 2022

Tesla has already disclosed its Q3 vehicle delivery and production numbers, which account for most of the company's revenue.

Earlier this month, Tesla confirmed that it delivered 343,000 electric vehicles during the third quarter.

This is an important landmark for the company, but it came in under expectations because it had over 20,000 vehicles in transit at the end of the quarter.

Numbers of shipments and production, such as profits and orders, are typically slightly revised during the profit and loss reports.

Tesla Revenue by Q3 2022.

Analysts can generally determine the expected revenues because of the delivery date. Wall Street predicts that $22.005 billion in revenue will come in, and Estimize predicts the amount will be $22.370 billion.

With the third-highest revenue and record-setting deliveries, this has been a record-setting quarter for this company.

Here is a graph displaying predictions of Tesla's revenue. The consensus prediction is gray, the Estimize prediction is blue, and the final number is green.

Analyst Call and Shareholder Letter Expectations for TSLA

In the shareholder's letter and conference call, Tesla shares additional details about financial results and other important company performance metrics. Usually, Elon Musk isn't on the call, but he confirmed he would be this time.

These days, every company reports earnings despite economic uncertainty. So as well as how Tesla will get through a potentially tougher macroeconomic time, Musk is expected to reveal how he plans to manage that.

Additionally, Tesla investors will probably want Musk to explain his plans to Twitter since he has now agreed to buy it. Managing Twitter could take much of Musk's time away from Tesla.

In addition to an update on Gigafactory Texas, Tesla shareholders will be interested in Gigafactory Berlin production ramps.

There may also be an announcement of the Tesla Semi during the earnings results, given that Musk announced production and deliveries would begin in December.

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