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11 Oct 2022

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This Year, Amazon Plans to Hire 150,000 Workers, Despite a Slowing Economy

The company announced that it plans to hire 150,000 workers in the United States to support customer fulfillment during the busy holiday shopping season. These associates will pack and ship customer orders at fulfillment centers across the country.

As the holiday shopping season approaches, the retail giant usually hires hordes of temporary workers to keep up with demand. The company is hiring full-time, seasonal, and part-time workers responsible for picking, packing and storing items in its warehouse.

In addition to hiring seasonal employees, Amazon is ramping up Levesque Logistics, a third-party logistics company that provides delivery services to the company’s customers in North America.

The company, amidst the extraordinarily tight job market, last week bumped their pay for warehouse and delivery workers to $19 an hour, up from $18 an hour.  It also announced various bonuses for new employees that depend on the area. The company hopes to attract new workers with this deal and increase worker retention.

As Amazon prepares to host a Prime Day-like deal bonanza next week, the company will host two such events in the same year for the first time. Analysts anticipate a slower holiday season amid soaring inflation and economic fears due to the event.

Several aspects of Amazon have been cut due to macro concerns and pandemic-driven expansion. The company has suspended or canceled opening new warehouses in recent months after pandemic-driven growth left it overcrowded.

In response, other retailers are implementing their holiday staffing plans at the same rate as Amazon. For example, for the holiday season, Walmart plans to hire 40,000 seasonal and full-time workers, a more modest number than the previous year, when it planned to hire 150,000 associates and 20,000 supply chain workers.

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