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10 Feb 2022

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Two Texas data centers go fully green

The Houston and Austin colocation data centers of Elemental Critical, an owner and operator of IT infrastructure solutions, are now powered by 100% renewable energy. Element Critical chose NextEra Energy Resources as its preferred green energy supplier.

NextEra Energy Resources' agreement with Element Critical provides access to a number of green power services, enabling the data center owner to operate a 100% carbon-neutral business model. Element Critical has signed an agreement with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources to provide green power from a wind farm in Texas connected to the ERCOT grid.

Sustainability performance

“NextEra Energy Resources has been pivotal in advising our teams and accelerating our renewable energy initiatives,” explains Ken Parent, CEO of Element Critical. “We are excited to announce this first initiative as part of our goal to have 100% carbon offsets in place across our entire data center portfolio by 2025. Yet, our corporate commitment extends beyond PPAs, as our ultimate goal is to directly procure and generate 100% zero-carbon energy through a combination of on-site generation projects and direct utility provisioned 100% green energy by 2030.”

More and more enterprise customers are seeking to improve their sustainability performance, incorporating broader environmental concerns into their provider partnerships and purchasing decisions. Shane Menking, COO of Element Critical, said: “Element Critical is now armed with a partner that will accelerate sustainability integration and create social value across our operations. Resolute environmental commitments are the future for our industry, and ultimately we are excited to be a part of creating a sustainable digital transformational journey for our customers.”

Photo credit: Elemental Critical

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