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13 Jul 2022

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Will your next diesel generator run on vegetable oil?

Every component of a digital infrastructure requires backup power. Most data centers rely on diesel generators for this purpose. A European vendor now offers products that run on vegetable oil - instead of diesel fuel.

Kohler Power Systems, based in Brest, France, has announced that its entire offering of mission-critical diesel generators is now compatible with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). Renewable fuel can be rolled out immediately to customers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint without modifying existing generators.

A sustainable fuel source, HVO fuel has all the advantages of first-generation biodiesel without any of the disadvantages. First-generation solutions had a limited storage life of just six months, but HVO is highly stable and does not oxidize. The product is also 90% carbon neutral and sourced entirely from waste products - making it a circular economy product.

According to the company, HVO and fossil diesel can be mixed directly in the tank without causing any issues. Therefore, it can be used immediately as the sole fuel source for all Kohler diesel generators, regardless of whether they are brand new or already installed.

In Europe, data center operators are working hard to reduce emissions. Data centers are becoming cleaner thanks to initiatives such as Carbon Aware Computing and the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact.

Photo credit: İsmail Enes Ayhan

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