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7 Nov 2022

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Omniverse Lets You Create Digital Copies of Your Company's Data Center

How often have you wished you could store a backup of your business's important data in case of an emergency or disaster? The trouble with existing solutions is that they're either too complex to use or simply not reliable enough.

Introducing Omniverse, the first and only service that makes it easy to turn an ordinary cloud server into an exact digital copy of your company's data center and test the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plans in minutes rather than months.

With this digital innovation, data centers can be digital twins to forecast the impact of expanding their footprint on power usage efficiency. This technology can be used in disaster planning and data recovery models based on environmental threats to data center physical infrastructure. Risk planning could be made much more accurate using this method, which would lower cybersecurity premiums in some cases.

Fundamentally, today's changes in Nvidia's Omni-Verse make it available to developers. This includes Omni-Verse Cloud, an IaaS that allows apps to run within the platform safely. At a press briefing, Nvidia's Vice President of Omniverse Platform Development mentioned Siemens Energy as a software partner and that more details would be released soon.

According to Siemens Energy, in a webinar about the digital twin technology, outlined that the software can:

  • Twin data center infrastructure.
  • Simulate what-if scenarios pre-build.
  • Speed up the design process for multiple key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our recent coverage of Google and OVH data center fires illustrates the potential for digital twin technology to eliminate the need for electrical workers to risk injury maintaining and upgrading highly dangerous electrical equipment. In addition, data center equipment would benefit from NVIDIA's Omniverse, as demonstrated in other verticals such as automotive and railway.

"Safety is the number one priority in robotics," said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang during his keynote at today's GTC 2022 event. "All of this demands processing power."

People in our data center industry know what this means--increasing demand for access to more storage, better networks, and faster computers. Tight data center spaces will likely become even tighter as more companies turn to digital twin and AI technology. However, NVIDIA has upgraded its Omniverse platform to make AI modeling and simulations more accessible to companies.

To help, Nvidia's released their H100 system, calling it the new AI factory engine. It will be available on the NVIDIA LaunchPad, with cloud service running on Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and Oracle.

This starts next year. In an interview, Mr. Huang noted systems would support this processor with advanced chip technologies such as Grace Hopper, optimized for data analytics and recommender systems but broadly applicable to most high-performance computing use cases. These systems will be available during the first half of 2023.

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