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24 Oct 2022

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In a Partnership with Zeblok, Edjx Accelerates the Deployment of AI Apps at the Edge

Edjx, a decentralized edge computing provider, has partnered with Zeblok Computational, a PaaS provider for artificial intelligence.

Zeblok's AI-MicroCloud will integrate with Edjx to offer simplified and rapid edge deployment.

These integrations will enable Edjx and Zeblok clients to easily deploy AI models across thousands of edge locations.

With Zeblok's AI-MicroCloud, engineers can scale deployments at the edge using simple AI processes.

The edge development will provide engineers with the ability to have access to more computing power and storage and carry out their activities more efficiently.

Smart retail, Industry 4.0, smart cities, and logistics are some use cases for AI deployments from cloud to edge.

Benjamin Thomas, the CEO of Edjx, says, “Edjx’s strategic alignment with Zeblok combines capabilities that bring to market unsurpassed competitive differentiation, scaling, and value for both of our customers for delivering new edge and AI applications. The partnership is a breakthrough in new capabilities for next-gen application development.”

As an edge operating system and platform, Edjx allows the aggregation of far-flung compute resources into a single platform.

Zeblok Computational's partnership with Edjx will enable the company to support more enterprise-scale AI applications.

Zeblok Computational CEO Mouli Narayanan said.“By 2035, there will be one trillion edge devices requiring many millions of Multi-Access Edge Computing data centers (MECs), with most data created and acted upon at MECs.”

“Zeblok’s AI-MicroCloud integration with the Edjx decentralized edge mesh will give Zeblok customers a global serverless edge pathway to scale next-gen AI applications.”

Last month, Edjx announced Benjamin Thomas as its new CEO, who, along with other investments, has raised 2.6 million pounds in the form of a seed funding round.

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