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28 Dec 2022

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Microsoft Partners with Viasat to Expand Internet Access Worldwide

Viasat, a leading provider of satellite broadband services, is excited to announce its new partnership with Microsoft to expand access to the internet worldwide. As part of this partnership, Viasat and Microsoft will develop a suite of satellite-enabled solutions to improve connectivity in rural and underserved areas.

With this collaboration, Viasat and Microsoft aim to close the digital divide and provide affordable internet access for everyone.

The partnership is expected to be a game changer regarding global internet access. The companies will work together on projects such as Project Loon, which will use high-altitude balloons to provide high-speed internet access in remote areas. This will not only allow more people to get connected but also create new job opportunities.

In addition, Viasat's hybrid Ku- and Ka-band satellite technology will be utilized, allowing more people to benefit from reliable, high-speed broadband internet. It's a win-win for everyone involved!

With this collaboration, more than 100 million additional people are projected to gain access to internet services. Not only does this make it easier for individuals in rural or underserved locations to stay connected and benefit from advancements in digital technologies, but it also makes it easier for businesses to expand their reach and services.

Microsoft's Vice President of Technology and Corporate Responsibility, Teresa Hutson, said the Viasat announcement means that Microsoft's Airband program will expand to Egypt, Senegal, and Angola. Currently, the program is available in Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, and the US.

“We believe access to the Internet is a fundamental right and that digital skills create and enable economic prosperity for people, businesses, and governments.

“Working with Viasat, we will use satellite to reach remote areas that previously have had few if any, options for conventional connectivity. Together, we will be able to rapidly scale and expand Airband’s reach, exploring a wider pipeline of projects and new countries where we haven’t yet worked.”

This is part of Microsoft's Airband initiative, which aims to bring Internet access to a quarter of a billion people by 2025, including 100 million Africans.

Through this initiative, Microsoft has been working with local and regional providers of Internet and energy access, telecom equipment manufacturers, and government agencies. Over 51 million people have accessed high-speed Internet via Airband, according to Microsoft.

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