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3 Feb 2023

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Updated: Google Reportedly Going "Code Red" to Address ChatGPT Competitive Challenge

The recent, shocking rise in popularity of OpenAI's ChatGPT platform has caused Google management to declare a “code red,” according to a Bloomberg report, to vie for leadership with its own chatbots and generative AI.

As an earlier report from IDCA News stated, OpenAI and Microsoft may have achieved significant first-user advantage with the platform's sudden breakthrough in usage.

ChatGPT is an example of generative AI – the “GPT” stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” – in which interactivity becomes the key aspect of using it. It doesn't tell users anything, or prescribe actions, until it's requested to “analyze” a specific question or instruction. By generating answers seemingly on the fly, the bot can appear to exude some cognitive awareness to its human interactors.

As with earlier large AI platforms, such as IBM's Deep Blue technology that has focused for many years on mastering the game of chess, ChatGPT appears to combine the brute-force approach of having tremendous stores of knowledge, with natural-language parsing and ability that appears to be incisive in making distinctions, understanding logical arguments, and even offering opinions.

The world can expect Google to respond quickly with its own form of modern, cognitive-in-a-machine ability. Company CEO Sundar Pichai recently told investors that “AI is the most profound technology” in the industry at the moment, and that Google would make its Lamda AI model available for users “to interact directly with (very soon)."

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