Executive Boardrooms

C-Level gathering of industry stakeholders…

Boardroom of senior-most decision-makers for frank, candid conversations. No outside observers, no press. Convened under signed Chatham House Rules.

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Industry 4.0 Executive Roundtables

Net-Zero, Data Center, Metaverse, Web 3.0, Cloud, ESG, Design, Build, Operations, End-User, Blockchain, IoT, Edge, Cybersecurity, Application, and beyond…












  • C-Level Executives who hold senior-most decision-making offices at their institutions can be invitation candidates for attendance.
  • Attendees must be in day-to-day involvement with the industry 4.0 merits and instrumental in addressing industry challenges.
  • Executives from leading or emerging corporations, NGOs, and government agencies can be nominated to attend.


  • Half-day executive roundtables for up to 100 senior decision-makers from diverse sectors and backgrounds.
  • Each session will tackle one key industry topic, with guest corporate subject matter experts, and/or government leaders.
  • In-person VIP sessions around the world, inclusive of meals, refreshment breaks, and hospitality for the duration of the sessions.


  • By invitation-only events, where only one person from each corporate, NGO, or government entity is allowed to participate.
  • No sales, promotion, or marketing of products, goods, or services are allowed during Executive Boardroom sessions.
  • Closed room for frank, candid conversations. No outside observers. No press. Convened under signed Chatham House Rules.